I walked a lady through GIMP on Windows 2000 today, & she was
delighted with it.

A feature that she particularly liked was being able to
select things (wand, oval, block, whatever) then feather
the selection so whatever you did had no sharp edges.

She also liked being able to select with the wand, then
tidy up using Ctrl & the other selection tools before
actually doing anything with the selection.

This visual interaction with the selection tools particularly
struck me when she noticed that a rectangular selection
grew rounded corners when it was feathered.

So I started wondering: is it feasible to do something like
make the selection's borders gently more fuzzy or
translucent when a selection is feathered?

That would just about make her day. Her approach to many
things is artistic & a little impulsive, so I think that makes
her reactions a good benchmark of non-technical users in

Cheers; Leon
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