On Thursday 15 November 2007 04:29:00 Akkana Peck wrote:
> But there's a solution for your friend in the meantime: the
> Quickmask. Click on that inconspicuous little square down
> at the bottom left of the image window, in the corner
> between the scrollbar and the ruler. That switches to
> Quickmask mode, in which anything that is *not*
> selected is red. You can see fuzzy borders really well with
> the quickmask 

Thanks, good idea.

I'll give Vickey a few days to play with her existing toys,
then drop that on her. She likes painting & doing similar
artwork, so I suspect that QM mode will appeal to her

She "talks" to a fair few people (in person & by email) &
her husband Ronn is fairly well known here, too, so Wilbur's
fame should get around quite handily. (-:

Cheers; Leon
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