> If you describe what it is you wish to accomplish, I should be glad to  
> assist in writing a script. For such scripts to be effective, by their  
> very nature they must be customized to match the workflow of the tasks  
> being handled -- once you start making the script flexible enough to  
> handle multiple situations, you end up with a workflow just as  
> involved as performing the steps manually (this is why you don't see  
> many "file operation" scripts being widely distributed).

A generous offer. Thanks in advance.
All I need is: 
I do not work with layers, just with gif pictures.
I select part of a gif picture and put it into clipboard, then create a new gif 
(2-nd menu column: create new picture). So far everything I do manually.

Now: I'd like to write that new picture into a file I give the name, as a gif 
It should not ask any questions, after it knows the file name, it should
write out straighforward the gif file. That's all.

At present I write out hundreds of such little pictures,
and at each time after ctrl-s standard gimp asks 2 stupid questions I answer
with yes, and that takes a lot of in fact for me useless mouseclicks.
I'd like to speed up my procedure by that script.

Thanks a million in advance for your assistance, 
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