Saul, Thanks!

When I try to save a file, I get following error message (2 messages on one 
1. there are not enough layers marked as 'Visible' to do the function 'join 
visible layers'. There must be at least 2 layers.
2. script-fu error when executing sg-fast-save 3.6 /tmp/Untitled.gif
    Error: procedural database execution failed 
(gimp_image_merge_visible_layers 5.0)

I then added a layer (ctrl-l, duplicate  layer) and then the script saved 
correctly /tmp/Untitled.gif.
I hope, you know how to fix this,
Thanks eleonora

> Here is the script. I tried to write it so that it would run on GIMP  
> 2.2 (as well as 2.4 and 2.6) but I have only tested it on version 2.6.

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