> All I need is:
> I do not work with layers, just with gif pictures.
> I select part of a gif picture and put it into clipboard, then   
> create a new gif picture.
> (2-nd menu column: create new picture). So far everything I do manually.
> Now: I'd like to write that new picture into a file I give the name,  
>  as a gif file.
> It should not ask any questions, after it knows the file name, it should
> write out straighforward the gif file. That's all.

#1. Is it possible to have the outputted filename derived from the  
original image's filename? For example, if you are selecting from an  
image named "somegirl.gif" then could the script assume that the  
output filename should be named "somegirl-cutout.gif"?

#2. Is it necessary to create a new image from the copied region? And  
even if it is (e.g., you want to edit the pasted image), would it be  
acceptable if the script performed the creation of this image. I.e.,  
you make your selection and then run the script -- the new image is  
opened (if necessary) and then saved as a GIF.

Item #1 would eliminate the need for a dialog box prompting for a  
filename (and would provide an easier way to handle directory paths).  
Item #2 would be necessary to accomplish Item #1 -- once you have  
created a new image, information about the original image is no longer  

If you choose to have the filename of the selected region  
automatically derived from the original filename (i.e., you make a  
selection, then run the script to save it to a GIF) then would you  
want further selections from the same image to overwrite the previous  
one; or would you rather that the filename be modified to indicate a  
"version" (e.g., "somegirl-cutout_1.gif")?

Of course, doing precisely what you described is possible; it just  
entails some steps that might better be automated.

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