> I use SF-WHATEVER, I just had a  typo in the email.
> The complete script is my previous email and also attached
> to this email.

I did not realize you were trying to use that script exactly; I  
thought you used it as an example in writing your own script. That  
script is over 10 years old and written for use with a very early  
version of GIMP (GIMP is only about 11 years old). It will not work  
with more recent versions of GIMP because of changes over the past  
decade. As an example, your script uses the PDB function  
'gimp-drawable-color' which is no longer available.

> A reference script copied from /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts
> works perfectly; however not a single scm script does
> file operations. I suspect, that file operations simply do not
> work with scm. That what the tutorial implicates.

The tutorial you cite is more recent -- it is only about seven years  
old -- but is still too outdated to be used without compensating for  
changes that have taken place in the meantime. GIMP now employs a  
different implementation of the Scheme language interpreter, and the  
Scheme language itself has evolved over time.

File operations in scripts are typically limited to handling "image"  
files, but they are present and they do work. In fact, there haven't  
been many dramatic changes in this area over the years (the problems  
with your script have nothing to do with its file operations).

If you describe what it is you wish to accomplish, I should be glad to  
assist in writing a script. For such scripts to be effective, by their  
very nature they must be customized to match the workflow of the tasks  
being handled -- once you start making the script flexible enough to  
handle multiple situations, you end up with a workflow just as  
involved as performing the steps manually (this is why you don't see  
many "file operation" scripts being widely distributed).

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