On Friday 03 April 2009 09:55:34 Helen wrote

> Actually, you didn't say you use linux, so it was a reasonable
> question. 

I did say I used Linux, in a rather convoluted way, I will admit.

> I use 
> only linux, and get prints that are shown and sometimes are sold in
> art galleries.

BUT YOU PRINT FROM OO not gimp & have complained to me often about gimp 

The question I asked or thought I asked was about printing from GIMP in 
linux. I only have a problem with gimp as do you and quite a few others 
as I noticed from the thread.

I admit I have an old (but great) wide epson stylus 3000 printer and 
have found some help from Krawitz, the gutenprint head honcho, on 
upping the color density so my prints from OO (in linux) are OK, but 
not as great as from PhotoShop on my windows laptop. 

So my question still stands...do people find printing FROM gimp in Linux 
bad? & for those who think I'm a troll or haven't tested...I'm a rather 
attractive tall old broad & have used CUPS, gutenprint 5.

Never occured to me to DL gimp to window machine & try printing. Seemed 
conter productive since I'd have to move photo from one machine to the 
other. I do almost all my work on Linux box...just keep windows laptop 
for the few things that haven't migrared to linux.

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