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> In Linux, the newest version of Turbo Print is working very well, and is the
> only means I have found by which to make full use of my i960's features.  If
> you haven't tried the latest version of TP, you might want to download it for
> a 30-day spin.

I agree with you about TP, I have used it for a number of years.

> I've tried developing in Linux using UFRaw.  For normal exposures, its fine. 
> For noisy ones, not so good.  There seems to be a newer version for Windows
> that does ok.  If I could get the latest versions of everything to all work in
> the same OS, I'd be in heaven.  Sony's software works in Windows only.
> Gimp works fine in Windows, but can't print.  UFRAW handles noise in Windows,
> but not in Linux.

I find that odd but then I have not had to deal with noise in Linux.
> Windows, Gimp, Sony software, PS to print seems to be my solution for now. 
> More integrated days will come, I'm sure.


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