On 05/05/2009 10:06 PM, David Gowers wrote:
> On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Jay Smith <j...@jaysmith.com> wrote:
>> Using Gimp 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux.
>> on K Desktop Environment 3.5.10
>> I would like to check with others whether or not these issues are unique
>> to me, my installation, or my desktop environment....
>> If they are bugs, I will report them or others are welcome to do so (but
>> please tell me if you do).
>> 1) Missing mnemonics on menus.  For example, under FILE, "Create" has no
>> labeled mnemonic.
> See my reply below to 2). Sometimes, there is just not the mnemonic
> available. I believe that 'Save a _Copy' uses the mnemonic that could
> otherwise be used for 'Create', and the developers judged that Save a
> Copy would be used more often than the Create menu.
> 'e' might be available, though.
> Please note that you could also press Alt+F, DOWN,RIGHT to enter the
> Create submenu.
> Also, if you use the Create submenu a lot, consider tearing it off
> (rightclick in an image window, then leftclick on the dashed line at
> the top of a submenu) and using it more directly.
>> 2) Duplicated mnemonics on menus.  For example, under EDIT, the letter
>> "p" is used ***THREE*** times, making it useless in a production
>> environment.  As long as the same image is open, doing "ALT e p" cycles
>> through the the three occurrences of the "p" mnemonic.  If it is the
>> first time with the image, then it always goes to the first occurrence.
>> Very obnoxious!
> This is very hard to avoid, unfortunately.
> The edit menu is large, and there are only 26 characters to use as
> mnemonics (actually other characters like numerics and punctuation are
> also possible, but usually not used.)
> I managed to resolve most conflicts in my Lojban translation, however
> Lojban has better distribution of letters (meaning that the name for
> some particular action is more likely to contain a uniquely usable
> character than eg. English). I have looked at this problem before, and
> concluded that we would have to start using numbers and punctuation as
> mnemonics in order to avoid significant conflicts. It is already
> possible to do so, but GIMP avoids this,  as do most programs.
> Keeping in mind that it is impossible to resolve all mnemonic
> conflicts even in a small menu (due to plugins being able to add menu
> items which can have mnemonics),  if you have a proposition which will
> resolve most of the current conflicts in a reasonable way, even if
> this is limited just to the File menu,  please enlighten us.
>> 3) Misdirected mnemonics.  (This one may be a lack of understanding of
>> menu mnemonics on my part.)  "ALT e p" [!!! may have to hit "p" multiple
>> times to arrive at the correct desired location of PASTE AS] to get to
>> PASTE AS.  This exposes the fly-out/sub-menu.  The sub-menu includes NEW
>> IMAGE with a mnemonic of "n".  However, typing an "n" at this moment
>> does not utilize the fly-out menu, it goes to UNITS on the main EDIT
>> menu.  What is the point of having a mnemonic on the flyout/sub-menu if
>> you can't access them without using the arrow keys to get into the
>> flyout/sub-menu by which time you are focused on the desired item anyway
>> and can just hit return.
> What the user means at that time is ambiguous. (access 'Units'? or
> something in the submenu?).
> Consequently, you need to press Enter first to confirm that you want
> to move into the submenu rather than access some other item on the
> same level.
>> 4) Non-functioning keystrokes / keyboard shortcut listed on the menus.
>> Specifically for me at the moment, "CTRL SHIFT V" is supposed to create
> CTRL+SHIFT+V, just to be clear. A single, chorded key combination.
> If this is really not working for you, I do think there is a problem
> with your installation (or your desktop environment -- see below).
> The other 3 points you brought up are verifiable.
>> a new file from the clipboard contents.  This set of keystrokes is
>> stated in TWO places:
>> and
>>   Both should accomplish the same thing, but on my system, it does
>> nothing at all.
>>   This is really annoying because tomorrow I have to have a staff
>> member use this functionality 297 times.  Argh!
>>   (Yes, I know that as long as we use keystrokes to get to the menu, we
>> can "walk" though it using the arrow keys.  It is just annoying.)
> All keyboard shortcuts are accurate. If they don't work, chances are
> you don't actually have something on the clipboard, or you have
> another program (eg KDE) which is stealing that key combination and
> preventing GIMP from catching it.
> Personally, that combination works as expected for me; I just
> Edit->Copied something, then pressed CTRL+SHIFT+V and a new image
> window containing what I copied appeared.
> David

Hi David,

Thanks for your input.

I will look over the menus and if I have some useful ideas for
non-duplicative and available mnemonics, I will make a proposal.

Thanks for the tear-off idea.  I am still having great difficulty
getting my head around that concept (that it is even possible to do).
This is something that should probably be played up in the Gimp
"marketing".  Maybe I don't get around much, but I have not run into any
other programs that have such a useful feature.  It is a great selling
point.  (Anything to convert folks in this direction...)  ;-)

Yes, I miswrote CTRL+SHIFT+V ... but I have been using it correctly.  I
will look at the KDE to see if it is stealing the input -- I had failed
to consider that possibility.  There IS something in the clipboard; when
I do the same function through the menu system I get the desired result.


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