Hi DJ,

Thanks for responding to my post (I Love the internet...)

So I tried that, but still NOTHING. Question, It IS with the bucket fill tool
that I should be able to access the .pat files right?

I think I may have to re install, because I noticed the same thing when I try
to access filters that I have downloaded. Even the Scrypt-Fu and Python-Fu 
filters, theres nothing in them


>> Can someone pllleeeasse tell me how to import these .pat files?
>> I've already tried dropping them directly into the "pattern" folder for
>> but they don't even show up! Show I re-install Gimp?
>Restart GIMP or "Refresh" Patterns.
>Pressing this button causes GIMP to rescan the folders in your pattern
>search path, adding any newly discovered patterns to the list. This
>button is useful if you add new patterns to a folder, and want to make
>them available without having to restart GIMP.

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