> > So I tried that, but still NOTHING. Question, It IS with the bucket fill 
> > tool
> > that I should be able to access the .pat files right?

DJ writes:
> Yes and no. There is also the Patterns Dialog (see more below).
[ lots more info about where to view your GIMP patterns,
  but not on how to import these particular patterns. ]

The problem in this case may be that a lot of those patterns on
aren't GIMP compatible. For instance, I tried the "animal prints" one,
and although it supposedly includes 18 patterns, I got a zip file
that expanded to just one file, SS-animalprints-patterns.pat.
If I put that file in ~/.gimp-2.6/patterns/ it's ignored, and if I
try to open the file in GIMP I get "GIMP pattern plug-in could
not open image".  I get the same for the brick textures pattern.

Has GIMP's support of PS patterns changed?  The animal print page
says it should be compatible with GIMP 2.2.6+.

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