> So I tried that, but still NOTHING. Question, It IS with the bucket fill tool
> that I should be able to access the .pat files right?

Yes and no. There is also the Patterns Dialog (see more below).

> I think I may have to re install, because I noticed the same thing when I try
> to access filters that I have downloaded. Even the Scrypt-Fu and Python-Fu
> filters, theres nothing in them.
> OW

On the image window go to, Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Patterns.
This is the Patterns Dialog.

In the Bucket Fill, as you mentioned, if you click the radio button
next to "Pattern Fill" and then click the image, that is the Pattern
List View.  At the bottom right-hand side of the Pattern List View, if
you click the bucket icon, it'll also bring up the same Patterns Dialog.
Just two ways to get to the same spot.

If you have Edit > Preferences > Tool Options, "Paint Options Shared
Between Tools", "Brush", "Pattern", and "Gradient" checked, then what
you set in the Dialogs will be used by the Tools.

One of the things I realized about GIMP, a lot of things are
drag-able.  So you certainly can use the Bucket Fill tool with a
pattern, but you can also just drag a pattern to the layer/selection.

I'm on Linux, and I've never had to reinstall GIMP for anything.  I
just put the Patterns in the gimp-2.6/patterns/some_name directory, and
then do a "Refresh" (Circular arrows at the bottom of the Pattern
Dialog) or just restart.

One other thing to check: Edit > Preferences > Folders > Patterns, the
folder that you installed into should be listed.

I'm out of ideas after this :-)

Good luck.

>>> Can someone pllleeeasse tell me how to import these .pat files?
> http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/02/12/the-ultimate-collection-of-free-photoshop-patterns/
>>> I've already tried dropping them directly into the "pattern" folder for
> gimp
>>> but they don't even show up! Show I re-install Gimp?
>>Restart GIMP or "Refresh" Patterns.
>>Pressing this button causes GIMP to rescan the folders in your pattern
>>search path, adding any newly discovered patterns to the list. This
>>button is useful if you add new patterns to a folder, and want to make
>>them available without having to restart GIMP.


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