Followup re Akkana's script: a minor niggle ...

I had created this environment variable:
GIMP2_DIRECTORY=D:\Data files\gimp-2.x_resourc...@gimp_settings_all_versions
Your script is creating the patterns in that location in subfolder + patterns ie. D:\Data files\gimp-2.x_resourc...@gimp_settings_all_versions\patterns but I had not changed Preferences-File folders-Patterns to point explicitly to that location.

ie the gimprc file which gets used by GIMP at startup:
D:\Data files\gimp-2.x_resourc...@gimp_settings_all_versions\gimprc includes these lines:

   * (pattern-path "D:\\Data
     Files\\Gimp-2.x_resources\\patterns;C:\\Documents and
   * (pattern-path-writable "D:\\Data
     Files\\Gimp-2.x_resources\\patterns;C:\\Documents and

The point is that in your script you concatenate "/patterns" to contents of GIMP2_DIRECTORY with (I think) the line (path (string-append gimp-directory "/patterns/")) but in fact that location does *NOT* automatically get used by GIMP-internals to find location of patterns.

Note that in the gimprc extract above (originally created by the installer I guess) it still points to: C:\\Documents and Settings\\Alec\\.gimp-2.6\\patterns which for MOST users who have not set GIMP2_DIRECTORY would be where (path (string-append gimp-directory "/patterns/")) points.

I'm not sure whether there is a way for script-fu to get the contents of the gimprc(?) - technically I think it "ought" to offer the user a chance to select in which of the "authorized" writable folders (or possibly in a user specified sub-folder thereof) it will create the patterns.

Alec Burgess ( wrote (in part)  (on 2009-06-03 at
 > I'd especially like
 > to hear whether it works on Windows, since it builds up paths with
 > "/" (which I think script-fu is supposed to translate
 The location is correctly created for me - GOOD!
 I think some way for user to specify a tag will for all patterns
 created will be useful after 2.7 gets released maybe this can be
 re-visited then? (If you want to avoid requiring any user interaction
 perhaps the file name?)

 Note: so that I can keep track of where my "special" patterns came
 from and so that all resources can be shared with all installed
 versions of GIMP I've been putting them in sub-folders of
 ie. in Preferences-folders-patterns I've added:

   D:\Data Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns
    and as subfolders of that:

       D:\Data Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\added_manually (a
       couple I created manually)
       D:\Data Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\ademmm.deviantart
       (from the PS PAT file via Akkana's script 162 *.pat files)
       D:\Data Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\squidfingers (from
       PS PAT file via Akkana's script 109 *.pat files)

Regards ... Alec   (bura...@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burg...@skype)

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