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Freddy Freeloader <fred...@cableone.net> escreveu:

>Richard H. wrote:
>>> Aren't most GNU/Linux distributions installing by default a mail
>>> transfer agent like exim or postfix? Debian at least does this, and
>>> then the plug-in works.
>> Please consider that a mail server also has to be configured which
>> is often a non-trivial thing that can't be expected from a normal
>> desktop user.
>>> Maybe the solution would be to change the plug-in in order it calls
>>> the preferred mail user agent, for example evolution or
>>> Thunderbird? This would make it useful after all.
>> As Sven already said, I think xdg-email would be the best solution.
>> GIMP just would have to execute "xdg-email --attach <filename>"
>Setting up exim4 isn't all that hard to do. 
>Run dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config as root.  Follow the instructions
>and set Exim up to use a smart host to send email.  It doesn't have to 
>listen on any port except  Set up the smart host as the
>smtp server for your isp--mail.example.com--and add your user name and 
>password as follows to a single line in /etc/exim4/passwd.client :  
>"mail.example.com:username:password" with url being your ISP's mail 
>server and the username and password being your username and password 
>for your ISP's mail server.  Don't include the quotes as I used them 
>only for delineation from the rest of the sentence. 
>Restart exim4, or edit /etc/exim4/passwd.client before running 
>dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config, and the email function in Gimp will
>work as it should. 

Well, It is not really easy, but using smtp.gmail.com and disabling local 
delivery in dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config (maybe my /etc/hosts file is a bit 
messy) did the trick! I's all working well now.


Gunther Furtado
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