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>> >Gunther Furtado <gunfurt...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> >> Hi,
>> >> 
>> >> I am trying to figure out how the "Send by Email..." option on
>> >> the file menu works but I could not find out any hints. 
>> >> 
>> >> If you could point me out to some information.
>> >> 
>> >> I am using GIMP 2.6 in a Debian testing/unstable system.
>> >
>> >Could you explain more what you encounter? ...
>> When I try to send any open image a dialog window asking about
>> recipient, sender, subject and message text is open. I answer those
>> questions and click "Send". Another window appears asking questions
>> about image conversion. I answer those questions and click "save".
>> Then, nothing else happens! No mail is sent. No message appears if
>> I run GIMP on command line. Didn't try gimp-dbg yet, should I?
>> >... To me, with exactly the same
>> >configuration, it works without problem.
>> I am using kde and my exim4 configuration is for local mail only.
>  What app do you use for mail from the internet ? Is it your default
>mailer ?

After what is described above, nothing happens. No mailer and no prompts.

I just tested on two machines:
. very old machine with kde (kmail is the default)
. old machine with XFCE (claws is the default)

The sending mail process worked on neither!

Tried to change the default app to mutt on the very old machine and no better 

And gdb didn't catch any errors too...


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