On Wednesday 26 August 2009, Adam Majewski wrote:
>  Hi there,
>  i sometimes need to measure distances on photo.
>  i do so using not only gimp but i need also calculator to do it.
>  The problem is that the measure tool doesn't have scale parameter.
>  It would be great if i can firstly measure scale and set distance
>  for it (ex 20px = 38m) and then measure other things that i need,
>  where the result will be shown not only in px but also in meters
>  (or other units ex. mile, foot, inch etc).

Hello Adam,

you could just set the resolution (pixels / whatever) in Image>Print Size and 
set the display units to whatever you need in the little dropdown menu near 
the status bar.  Then the measure tool should always give you the real-world 
size as well.  The only thing you have to do by hand is calculating the 
resolution in the first place.  Some image formats like tiff and png even 
save that setting.

>  Much further feature would be measure of areas, using also
>  feature of scale.
>  Simple areas like square, rectangle, or any of quadrilaterals,
>  triangle, oval, circle, ellipse etc...
>  This would be perfect, but i don't know to whom i should send this
>  proposition, so please forward it to right persons if they are not
>  reading this list.

I don't know if there are plugins for this in GIMP, but other imaging 
applications like ImageJ/Fiji can do stuff like this easily. (They offer much 
less creative possibilities though.)


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