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> I'm trying to figure out what the problem is but you mention too many things
> so I'm afraid I'm getting confused.

I didn't see the original question, but let me see if I can help that

> >Basically, what happens is that the area outside of my selections or
> erasing
> >also seems to be affected. I have antialiasing off for the free select tool.
> I
> >have hard-edge on for the eraser, and all the brush dynamics turned off for
> >it. The eraser is at Circle (05) which is a square, at the scale of 1.00 I
> >have tried using Select>Sharpen

I assume you're trying to apply transparency directly to the layer
content.  Don't do that.  Make your texture in an image layer and then
apply transparency through the use of a layer mask.  White areas in the
mask will have no transparency when you save the file.

> >The areas outside of my selections and erasing are being affected, so that
> >in-game the special effects are applied to areas I don't want them to be. 

Does the game operate on alpha channels values >0 or does it operate if
sees *any* alpha channel?  If the latter, then you have to make separate
textures for the areas that will and won't be affected by game play.  If
the former then the layer masks should work for you.

> I
> >have looked in the alpha channel, and there appears to be no actual
> >transparency in those areas, it seems to be solid black. 
> >

You know, after all these years I can't remember if 0 is transparent or
255 is transparent in the alpha channel.  I thought 255 was fully
opaque.  But my brain is full.  I think that bit of info slipped out on
the last refill of the tank.

> >Also, I would like to know how to copy the exact alpha channel from one
> image
> >to another image, without the original alpha channel being changed. 

If you use a layer mask you can make a selection of the mask, add a new
mask to the other image and then copy in the old mask over the new mask.
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