On Thu, 2009-08-27 at 23:54 +0200, frustrated1 wrote:
> I used
> the paint bucket (which is set to 100% opacity) to fill the selection in the
> layer mask (which is acting as the alpha channel) with white. 

Create a white layer mask initially.  Make your selection in the image
window (make sure the layer mask is active in the Layers dialog by
clicking on the mask thumbnail).  Reset the FG/BG colors by typing D in
the image window (resets to default colors).  Then drag the foreground
color (black) into the selection.  That adds black to the selected area
in the layer mask.  The black area is the area that will be transparent
in your saved image.

If the selection is not feathered then the edge of the selection should
(I believe) not be anti-aliased and should either be completely
transparent or completely opaque.  

> However, the
> left-most column of the square selection was not completely transparent
> in-game. It might just be something wrong with the game, because I looked at
> the color values of the area I wanted to make completely transparent and they
> are all 0,0,0. 

Might be a bug in the game.  Expand your selection by 1 pixel and do it

> Also, I'm using .tga files. Maybe RLE compression has something to do with
> this, but I always have it unchecked.

No idea.  It's possible, but that would probably be a game issue, not a
GIMP issue.

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