Gah... This is what I get for sending emails prior to drinking coffee.
I just now noticed that you posted this:

> (What I see are only choices of "Paint" tools.  What I want is "Select
> tools", like color select and/or magic wand.)

Obviously my answer isn't gonna cut it then. Sorry about that.


Jason van Gumster <> wrote:

> Ilya Zakharevich <> wrote:
> > I want to stroke the path with the current tool, with all the
> > parameters as selected in the tool options.  I do not think I can do
> > it with the PATHs right-mouse-click menu, can I?
> You can. If you choose Stroke Path from the Paths right-click menu,
> the bottom of the dialog has a radio button that says Stroke with a
> Paint Tool. Click that radio button and select the paint tool you
> want to use from the dropdown. It will use your last set of tool
> options for that tool. Alternatively, while the dialog is still up,
> you can switch to that tool and quickly tweak the tool settings there
> prior to clicking the Stroke button.
> Is that what you were looking for?
>   -Jason
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