On 2009-09-13, Sven Neumann <s...@gimp.org> wrote:
>> I want to stroke the path with the current tool, with all the
>> parameters as selected in the tool options.  I do not think I can do
>> it with the PATHs right-mouse-click menu, can I?

>> (What I see are only choices of "Paint" tools.  What I want is "Select
>> tools", like color select and/or magic wand.)

> You can't do that.

Is it a defect, or an intentional decision?

>> An alternative would be to use Script-Fu API to "walk along a path";
>> but I would need to "invoke the current tool at the specified point"
>> from Script-Fu, and I can't guess how to find this with the Script-Fu
>> procedure browser...

> I am afraid there is no way to do this for tools like 'color select' or
> 'magic wand'. Tools are a user interface thing and the PDB explicitly
> doesn't give access to the user interface parts of GIMP.

This sentence does not make any sense to me.  To make sense, one
should have a PRIOR definition of "the user interface parts of GIMP".
E.g., from what you write, It looks like foreground color is not in
"the user interface parts of GIMP".

So. is there such a definition?  Is it defined as "any setting outside
those related to save/restore-state Script-Fu API", or is there
anything else accessible from Script-Fu?


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