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> I want to stroke the path with the current tool, with all the
> parameters as selected in the tool options.  I do not think I can do
> it with the PATHs right-mouse-click menu, can I?

As has been stated, this is not possible.

> An alternative would be to use Script-Fu API to "walk along a path";
> but I would need to "invoke the current tool at the specified point"
> from Script-Fu, and I can't guess how to find this with the Script-Fu
> procedure browser...

Your script would have to manually traverse the paths. I have written  
a Script-fu which does this for Fuzzy selections; the command is added  
to the context menu raised by right-clicking on a path in the Paths  
Dialog. The script can be retrieved from

Doing similarly for the Select By Color tool is possible, but would  
require a more complicated script owing to the fact that  
'gimp-drawable-get-pixel' can not directly fetch from the projection,  
and that working with channels or masks would require some massaging  
of the colors retrieved with 'gimp-drawable-get-pixel' so that it can  
be used by 'gimp-by-color-select'. The best approach to this would  
likely be to create a new image from the drawable or projection, copy  
the path to the new image, perform the walking selection along the  
path, and then move the resulting selection back to the original image.

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