Alec Burgess <> wrote:

> Suggestion: Would it be possible as you "walk" the path, to compare each 
> pixel to prior and if they are the "same" to within the threshold 
> tolerance skip that pixel and proceed to next? My theory being that if 
> two adjacent pixels on a path are within "threshold tolerance" of each 
> other then fuzzy select on either is the same as fuzzy select on both.

Even more simple: Couldn't you use gimp-selection-value to test whether the
specified pixel is already in the current selection as you walk the path? If it
is, then you can skip that pixel and move on to the next one. It's basically the
same idea Alec posted, but rather than using a threshold value in the script,
just use the existing selection (and therefore the current Threshold value for
the Fuzzy Select tool) as your threshold.

Dunno... just an idea.

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