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> Let me try to rephrase it...  Consider two scenarios (with a particular
> OP of CHANNEL-OP-*), left one and right one:
>   save-selection + delete-selection
>   do few FuzzySelects with OP               do few FuzzySelects with OP
>   combine with saved-selection with OP
>   load saved-selection
> Is there a case when these two scenarios are going to give different
> results?

Your scenarios are identical, however, it is my opinion that more  
useful results are produced by treating all of the Fuzzy Selects as  
"one selection" and then combining that one selection with the  
original selection using the OP specified (which is distinct from your  
approach in the cases where the OP is "replace" or "intersect").

> Well, since an INDIRECT access to the projection contents IS POSSIBLE,
> why not allow a direct one?!

Rendering of the projection is performed as a separate process  
asynchronous from operations that access/manipulate the image data.  
The projection may not even be rendered (if there is no display  
associated with the image). It would be necessary for the  
(hypothetical) procedure which accesses the projection to trigger a  
re-rendering (if a "valid" one is not available) and wait for that  
rendered projection to become valid. Once the projection becomes  
valid, it would need to be "locked" so that other GIMP processes do  
not modify it while the data is being retrieved -- if more than one  
access to the projection is to be executed then the projection would  
need to remain "locked" (effectively hanging GIMP while the script is  

It just makes much more sense to take a "snapshot" of the projection  
at a certain point and then access that "snapshot" thereby permitting  
other process -- including the projection rendering background process  
-- to do their thing. For this reason (though I've explained it  
poorly), I serious doubt you will ever see a  
'gimp-projection-get-pixel' type function.

> Could you still provide your version (non-working OK), since I *need*
> to implement this anyway, and having some starting place would be a
> great help.
>       I'm going to create a temporary small layer for each point on
>       the path (reuse it if the next point still fits).  (I already
>       have code which does projection-copying.)


I'm not sure what shape it's in. I believe I had it working except for  
handling of layermasks and channels. It was at that point that I ran  
into problems with the drawable's mode (grayscale versus RGB...) and  
gave up. You also will probably want to use the fuzzy select function  
from my other script (the one included in this one is not the latest  

>        I'm trying to post to the devel list, both from GMANE, and
>        directly.  Nothing passes through.  Do I need to subscribe
>        first before posting is possible?

Posts by unregistered people get moderated and can take a day or two  
before they appear. Subscribing to the list will eliminate this delay.

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