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On 2009-09-19, Jason van Gumster <ja...@handturkeystudios.com> wrote:
>> Suggestion: Would it be possible as you "walk" the path, to compare each 
>> pixel to prior and if they are the "same" to within the threshold 
>> tolerance skip that pixel and proceed to next? My theory being that if 
>> two adjacent pixels on a path are within "threshold tolerance" of each 
>> other then fuzzy select on either is the same as fuzzy select on both.
> Even more simple: Couldn't you use gimp-selection-value to test whether the
> specified pixel is already in the current selection as you walk the path? If 
> it
> is, then you can skip that pixel and move on to the next one.

If you do not mind that the result is going to be majorly different -

*I* think that for best result, one needs an additional *relative*
threshold.  E.g., if main threshold is 12, and relative is 30%, then
one would skip pixels which differ from a preceeding one by less than
about 4.

If this relative threshold is close to 100% (which is essentially what
you recommend), then the result will be quite different comparing to
one with low threshold.


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