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On 2009-09-15, saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com 
<saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com> wrote:
> a Script-fu which does this for Fuzzy selections; the command is added  
> to the context menu raised by right-clicking on a path in the Paths  
> Dialog. The script can be retrieved from
> http://flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com/GIMP/Scripts/Temp/sg-fuzzy-select-along-path.scm

I'm confused on why gimp-vectors-set-visible() is used.  Any hint?

And I can't guess reasons why you first do gimp-selection-none(), then
combine the orig-sel back?

And why do you need to set the drawable (which was initially active)
"active again" at end of operation?

> Doing similarly for the Select By Color tool is possible, but would  
> require a more complicated script owing to the fact that  
> 'gimp-drawable-get-pixel' can not directly fetch from the projection,  
> and that working with channels or masks would require some massaging  
> of the colors retrieved with 'gimp-drawable-get-pixel' so that it can  
> be used by 'gimp-by-color-select'.

Is there no way to get-pixel() meaning "visible pixel"?  I understand
that this might be problematic when started from context menu of
"Paths" (may there be multiple "views" of an image with different
visiblity flags of masks/layers?), but if started from menu of Image
window", GIMP knows which "view" (is it what you call "projection"?  I
found no definition in the docs) the user means...

> The best approach to this would  
> likely be to create a new image from the drawable or projection, copy  
> the path to the new image, perform the walking selection along the  
> path, and then move the resulting selection back to the original image.

I would very much prefer to avoid this.  The image is about 0.1GPix
already with a few layers, and the hardware is close to 10years old...

And: if I want to operate "on one layer only", would cadr of the
result of gimp-drawable-get-pixel() suitable as argument to


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