* Monique et Bernard Weill <bmwe...@free.fr> [12-27-09 11:11]:
> Hi,
> I am working on Windows XP, GIMP 2.6.7. like this:
> 1- I scan an image in 300 dpi at his real size: A4 and obtain file in Jpeg 
> and/or Tif.
> 2- I open the file in GIMP.
> 3- I select part of the image and copy (Ctrl + C) the selection in the 
> Clipboard.
> And now my problem:
> Past (Ctrl V) on:
> - Gimp: the size of the copied selection is good (equal to the original size).
> - Microsoft program like Powerpoint or OO program like Draw or Inkscape: the 
> size is around multiply by 3!
> Without other change, I have only modified scan resolution and redo the
> full sequence: With 200dpi the copied selections are always good in size
> in GIMP and around 2 times the original size in the external programs.
> With 100 dpi the size of copied images seems good (equal to the original)
> in all programs!
> Unfortunatly with 100 dpi my images are not usables and I have to be in
> 300 dpi to do crop, select and so on.

I may be completely off-base, but your monitor probably has a natural
display resolution of 96-100 dpi so graphics at 100 dpi *appear* to be
the same size and 300 dpi (3 times monitor resolution) appear 3 times

> Hope my English readabble and that you can help me. 

No appologies necessary.  I hope my explanation is correct and makes sense.

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