I am working on Windows XP, GIMP 2.6.7. like this:

1- I scan an image in 300 dpi at his real size: A4 and obtain file in Jpeg 
and/or Tif.
2- I open the file in GIMP.
3- I select part of the image and copy (Ctrl + C) the selection in the 

And now my problem:
Past (Ctrl V) on:
- Gimp: the size of the copied selection is good (equal to the original size).
- Microsoft program like Powerpoint or OO program like Draw or Inkscape: the 
size is around multiply by 3!

Without other change, I have only modified scan resolution and redo the full 
With 200dpi the copied selections are always good in size in GIMP and around 2 
times the original size in the external programs.
With 100 dpi the size of copied images seems good (equal to the original) in 
all programs!

Unfortunatly with 100 dpi my images are not usables and I have to be in 300 dpi 
to do crop, select and so on.

Hope my English readabble and that you can help me. 

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