Please try yourself a test as I describe in my first mail and you will understand my problem.

I have also make the test with Photoshop:
- With Ctrl V for past the selection in external program (Powerpoint) the result is OK with resolution 300/200 or 100 dpi.
- When using the Microsoft Powerpoint clipboard the results are the same as using Gimp multiply around 3 in 300 dpi resolution,  2 in 200 dpi and so on.

Patrick Shanahan a écrit :
* Monique et Bernard Weill <> [12-27-09 11:48]:
Thanks Patrick,
You are right for monitor resolution, but the results I obtain are differents
(on the screen and on printer) from GIMP program and the others.

You must remember that your printer has a resolution also.  If you print
a document which has an *image* resolution of 300 dpi at 300 dpi on the
printer, you get one for one size, but if you print the 300 dpi image at
the printer resolution of 100 dpi you get 1/3 size output.  

You can specify the image size in gimp that you want from your printer.

I remember there is a very good explanation of the relationships of dpi
and display/printer and image size on the web:

It will give you a much better explanation that I.  Be sure to read their
tutorial about scanning, also.

gud luk, 
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