The measured size of the copied images from Gimp with zoom at level 100% or 25% to external app are exactly the same.

Programmer In Training a écrit :
On 12/27/2009 1:26 PM, Monique et Bernard Weill wrote:
Sorry, but the zoom level don't modify the size of the image measured
with the appropriate tools (in Gimp -uppercase +M- or in external programs).

No, but it does modify the apparent size. I've on many occasions, after
scanning in something at 300dpi, thought the image was properly sized
only to find the zoom at 67% or less. From what was described in the OP,
it sounds as if he hasn't adjusted for zoom, so when he pastes he gets
an image larger then expected.

I've copy/pasted images into and out of GIMP since 1.x (I forget the
version number I started out with, but it's been several years now) and
the problem he described sounds exactly like he's not taking into
account zoom level when describing the size of the image in GIMP. GIMP
automatically tries to fit the image into the editing window via
lowering the zoom to less then 100%.

Also, he never indicates he measured the image. He only said he scanned
in at 300dpi.

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