* Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoud...@gmail.com> [01-17-10 11:20]:
> On 1/17/10, Norman Silverstone wrote:
> > As I understand it, it isn't users that GIMP wants, it is developers
> > prepared to give freely of their time and expertise. If you need the
> > advantages that PS has over GIMP then, by all means, buy and use PS but,
> > if you want something that does what you want and is free, then use
> > GIMP. If you can help to improve GIMP then good for you, if you can't
> > then, as it is said, put up or shut up.
> Awwww, nice! :) I've been participating in free software projects all
> these years only to have someone ordering me around to shut up and use
> proprietary software :) Isn't that lovely? :)

I don't believe that you have properly conveyed and/or understood the
substance of the statement, taken somewhat out of context, you debate.  I
believe that it was intended to convey that you do not complain about a
*gift* but offer positive suggestions about directions you believe would
benefit the intended audience which is *not* ps users and gimp is not
being developed to replace ps or take it's users, but an excellent and
capable graphics editing program to use, if you wish.

And this *aim*, iiuc, has been spoken here on this list many times.

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