There are a few things that GIMP needs to be competitive with PS.

1) A decent batch processor and I'm not talking about learning a whole
programming language to do so.
2) 16 bit color.
3) Better zonal control so one can adjust light and dark areas of
a digital photo more easily so as to enhance shadow detail and reduce
highlight blowout.
4) A better raw converter.  UFRaw is good but could be improved a lot.

Carusoswi wrote:
>> On 1/13/10, Programmer In Training wrote:
>>>> On 1/12/10, Norman Silverstone wrote:
>>>>> The great thing about GIMP is that it is free so you can try it, at no
>>>>> cost to yourself, and see if it will do what you want it to do.
>>>> But so is Photoshop. 30 days trial :)
>>> Photoshop is free to try, for 30 days. GIMP is free to try for the rest
>>> of your life.
>> Which part of "see if it will do what you want it to do" did you not read?
> :)
>> Alexandre
> I think the point being made is to see if Gimp (free, always and forever)
> will do what you want it to do before spending time evaluating a trial of PS
> which cost plenty to start with and more and more as upgrades and new versions
> are introduced.  What sense does it make to start down the proprietary path
> before determining whether or not one would be satisfied with the free
> application . . . same goes for the other proprietary aps mentioned.
> Caruso
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