>I am still interested in the use of this plug-in and have been trying
>out a variety of tests with a selection of my slide copies. This test
>may not be strictly valid but I have been measuring the colour value of
>a white item using different settings of Restore and assuming that the
>blue cast has been removed when the white item gives "ffffff".
>Generally, I have found that a setting of 0.1 will not give this but a
>setting of 0.2 does. The resulting images look quite pleasant, not too
>contrasty and retaining a good level of detail.
>If any one else is trying Restore I would like to exchange views and
I owe Norman a sincere apology.  At some time in the past a line of code got
deleted from my plug-in.  (It went through dozens of versions!) This has no
effect on the restorations with default settings but the "degree of
restoration" slider does not work properly, especially when the original is
dark.  Further tests showed that, even with the missing code, it did not work
as planned.  A setting of 0.0 was intended to leave the original unchanged and
1.0 is the "theoretical" correct value.  I have corrected the plug-in and
fixed several minor bugs in a new version.

So I am very sorry but some users may have been wasting their time.  I
suppose if the restorations look good it is not wasted.  I did, of course,
test the plug-in before release, I just did not test it on a wide enough range
of images to detect the error.

I have put a more detailed document update.pdf on the website and the results
of some more tests.
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