Finally - one I may be able to answer ..

Try scaling the image close to the size and resolution you expect to print 
_before_ you add the text. I believe the text is essentially bitmapped 
onto your image when you add it. If your printing implies a substantial 
enlargement you may be looking at the edges of the text as it was 

Just a guess, but I had a similar problem when I started out and that was 
the reason for ragged edges and fuzzy characters on my text. You may even 
want to create your image at higher resolution than you will print it -- 
at least once or twice as experiments.


  - Mills

On Tue, 28 Sep 2010, wrote:

>> I'm new to Gimp and graphic design. I was able to create a logo with a
>> transparent background. However, when I convert to jpg gif or png and then
>> upload to my server (or insert into Word or PDF) it's fuzzy around the
>> letters.

>> Any idea what to do to keep it looking sharp and get rid of the fuzziness?

>> Thanks,

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