> > in the meanwhile I tried Gimp with different window-managers. The
> > selection-tool works properly in fvwm and fvwm2, but nowhere else
> > (also icewm). My daughter runs  Gimp in Win98. Also there
> > works fine, only the selection tool won't.
> Ta has to do with a focus. Make sure you have the image widow
focused when
> adding or substracting selections. Works for me in GIMP 1.1.15 and
Icewm 1.0

You are right! After havinging changed the selection-tool I obviously
forgot to focus the image-frame.
Now, focusing it cosciously everything works perfectly.
What a stupid mistake.

Perhaps I should append that I use KDE and I originally  had set in
the "Window Configurations": "Focus follows mouse" . With this
configuration and with "Classic sloppy focus" it still doesn't work.
It only works with : "Click to focus".


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