hello hago, hi friends of gimp,

just a last appendix to this theme:

> Perhaps I should append that I use KDE and I originally  had set in
> the "Window Configurations": "Focus follows mouse" . With this
> configuration and with "Classic sloppy focus" it still doesn't work.
> It only works with : "Click to focus".

in the new KDE 1.1.2 youŽll find in the Control Center -> Windows ->
Properties supplementary to the setting "focus follows etc..." a radio
button that says something like "fix window focus" (sorry, iŽve got the
german version).  if you enable this setting, you can also choose "focus
follows mouse" and the selection mode in gimp works fine.

excuse my amateurish attempt i suggested in a previouse mail
(reinstall...). but finally it showed me that the problem was related to
the wm and not to gimp. thanx to jakub steiner who showed up the right
way ;-)

have fun with gimp

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