>> > that looks something like :\ (I can't remember what it actually looks
>> yes it does look that way and if I remember right it has :\unix ?
>yeah, that'd be the line i got rid of. anyone out there know what this
>actually does? or how?

It is a line that tells your X server to load the font from a X font server
in the local machine. RH includes a font server that allows to serve more
than one session at the same time (maybe no adventages for single user like
you, but I know it can be useful in some cases, multi or single user in a
single monitor, and really useful in machines that serve X displays to other

IMHO you are doing all the wrong way. If you do not know what a thing does,
you should read docs and ask docs first, then change it (at your own risk,
if you break it, you pay the new one and keep the pieces). What you have to
change for new fonts are the X font server config files. I can not remember
the name now, look under /etc/X11 (sorry, away from Linux machines).

BTW, I have read something about RH 6.2. IIRC that version is beta, not
final, so it can fail (and will, for sure). Now I understand why RH does not
announce the beta testing program any more, users want to test things even
if they can not handle basic problems. Do a favour to yourself (who ever is
using 6.2) and use final versions, not betas.

It is just my imagination, or nobody reads the HOWTOs, FAQs and other docs?
Well, at least, Linux (and other Unix) allow the typical solution in these
cases, reinstall. Also, reboot a pair of times every time you change a
setting. Maybe that way it will work as you expected, instead as you read in
the docs.

Leave the damn line as it was and change the RH font server config (that,
btw, allows True Type fonts). Then restart the font server. Maybe even give
a command to X server to rescan fonts (away from machine, can not test this,
but is a option, a must if you are using font dirs instead of server).


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