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>>I have not tried the gimp-extra- fonts rpm as I have trouble downloading
>>it at home and can do so tomorrow when I'm at achool.
>IIRC that package is just freefonts + sharefont in one file.
>>Food for thought  -- I can live with it like it is but for the future I'd
>>like to have an rpm to install it.  How do I change that one little  thing
>>in the script.  of Maybe make rpms for other fonts???
>http://www.rpm.org/ for RPM, or /usr/doc/HOWTO for font things. In general,
>put all new fonts in a dir, run the tools to creat fonts.dir (and the other
>file I can not remember, I am away from Unix machines now), then change font
>server or X server config. The important point is to not mix, so package
>systems never find a dir with data that it did not put there.
>>Second, I have been doing some reading on RedHat and they no longer use
>>xset.  They use chkfontpath to add true type fonts to the font server
>xset is a tool to change some X server things. You can use it too, I did.
>>(it's no longer part of XF86).  That seemed to work fine, but freefont and
>>sharefont are not tt are they????  These true type fonts are then stored
>Freefont and sharefont are Type 1, IIRC.
If you are using Type1 fonts, the I think 'type1inst' is an application you are
looking for. It is attatched to this email, and it requires Perl. It makes
installing Type1 fonts a doddle. You might need to edit the bang path at the
top of it, though. ['which perl']

If you are running a font server on port 7100, try "xset +fp
tcp/localhost:7100", or add the line   
FontPath      "tcp/localhost:7100"
into the "Files" [yes, "Files", even though it is a network port] section of
XF86Config. ['locate XF86Config']



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