>I have not tried the gimp-extra- fonts rpm as I have trouble downloading
>it at home and can do so tomorrow when I'm at achool.

IIRC that package is just freefonts + sharefont in one file.

>Food for thought  -- I can live with it like it is but for the future I'd
>like to have an rpm to install it.  How do I change that one little  thing
>in the script.  of Maybe make rpms for other fonts???

http://www.rpm.org/ for RPM, or /usr/doc/HOWTO for font things. In general,
put all new fonts in a dir, run the tools to creat fonts.dir (and the other
file I can not remember, I am away from Unix machines now), then change font
server or X server config. The important point is to not mix, so package
systems never find a dir with data that it did not put there.

>Second, I have been doing some reading on RedHat and they no longer use
>xset.  They use chkfontpath to add true type fonts to the font server

xset is a tool to change some X server things. You can use it too, I did.

>(it's no longer part of XF86).  That seemed to work fine, but freefont and
>sharefont are not tt are they????  These true type fonts are then stored

Freefont and sharefont are Type 1, IIRC.

>in /usr/share/fonts/truetype and you use ttmkfdir after you've added more

TT is what MS Windows uses, for example. You can get loads of free TT fonts
from the net, and buy some quality CDs. Most of apps come with extra fonts,
for example maybe your printer CD includes some fonts, or a program that
includes more TT fonts. Type1 are harder to find.


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