On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Jonathan Gift wrote:

> With the cal 2001 command I can get the year's calendar displayed on a
> terminal or shot to a file. Q: How can I use that as background, as in
> paste?

Hmm.  The problem is getting ASCII text to an image.  I am sure that my
following suggestions aren't very good, but

(1) the "fax" command will convert text into a faxible TIFF, so

    cal 2001 > cal-2001.txt
    fax make cal-2001.txt

 will create a file cal-2001.txt.001 which is a fax image, and should be
 importable by GIMP.

(2) create call-2001.txt as above.

   Create a file like cal.tex with



   latex cal
   dvips -o cal.ps cal

   Then you should have a PostScript file, cal.ps that you can play with

> Any ideas.

Well, those are my idea.  But I'm sure that there must be better ways of
doing this.


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