Jonathan Gift wrote:
> Wandered Inn wrote:
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> > I'm not sure I understand, but you could redirect the output of the cal
> > command to a file, then use the ascii to image layer plugin to read in
> > the file you created.
> If you can tell me how to lay in text that would do it. With background
> transparent? This the plugin? Default?

Note, someone else posted that the spacing is not retained, and I've not
seen a way around that, other than cut and paste the individual layers,
which could be doable but a pain.  If you're doing a single month, it
probably wouldn't be so bad, but a whole year's going to take some
tedious work.  Anyway, if you want to see the initial results do this:

cal 2001 > cal.out
open gimp
set size
fill type->transparent
Script-fu->Utils->Ascii to image layer
select filename -> cal.out
set font type, color and size if you want.
select okay.

It appears that each line of text is a separate layer which might make
it easier to line things up.

You might be better off sending doing a screen capture of the cal output
from xterm and then removing the background.

> Thanks.
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