My vote is G+E, too. 

lb1a, Florian Breisch and I are working on the german translation of the 
pro-git book (hosted on git-scm.com). We use the repository [1] to share 
our work. If someone wants to help us, JOIN US!

The current translation of pro-git is mixed, Ger and G+E. For example, 
the translation of "annotated tag" is "Annotated Tag", "kommentierter Tag" 
and also "kommentierte Markierung".  I agree with the opinion of Jan 
Engelhardt that german terms should be used if they are commonly 
used in technical context ("tree"=> "Baum" but "tag" should be "Tag" 
in german, too).

There is a glossary for the pro-git book (see [2]) but it is not up-to-date 
and it is also mixed. Therefor I would like to avoid using this glossary. 
I like the idea of a shared wiki (git de.po and pro-git). 
I suggest a single page as overview and single pages for 
complicated terms. Maybe we can use our GitHub wiki (see also [3]).

 So long


[1] https://github.com/progit-de/progit

[2] https://github.com/progit/progit/blob/master/de/NOTES

[3] https://github.com/progit-de/progit/wiki/Glossar

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