Am 14.05.2013 19:51, schrieb Ralf Thielow:
- repository = Projektarchiv
- bare repository = bloßes Projektarchiv
+ repository = Projektarchiv, (or just Repository?)
+ bare repository = bloßes Projektarchiv (-||-), (reines, pures Repository)

I would vote for Repository or if it needs to be translated, simply Archiv. Neither Projektarchiv nor Archiv is commonly used by me but Archiv is shorter and not everything in a repository is a project.

I'm not sure about using "Repository". I think "Projektarchiv" is
actually good enough.

- committer = Eintragender
- tagger = Markierer
+ committer = Eintragender (or Committer, Commit-Ersteller)
+ tagger = Markierer (or Tagger, Tag-Ersteller)
...[each usage of commit and tag]...

Both "commit" and "tag" are used in commands so with the exception of the place where they are defined the english words should be used. I think Commit-/Tag-Ersteller actually sounds fine and german enough so no one notices there is an english word in there ;-)

+ branch = Zweig (or Branch)

I think "Zweig" is already fine.

Same reason, branch is used as a command and should not be translated. But "Zweig" is a really natural and together with "Baum" fitting translation, so I'm conflicted here.

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