Hi all,

I tried to merge these different glossaries together (based on git de.po)
as a new wiki page [1]. You can see the diff against the current git de.po
glossary at [2]. I've also created a branch in my repository which only contains
the wiki page as a text file. This allows comments on each line of a commit,
which perhaps can be used for discussions (see [3]) and/or pull-requests?!
If we really want to use one glossary, I'm also happy with other solutions or

The new wiki page is in WIP state and it turns out that there aren't so many
changes to the current one as I expected. I want to give a few comments on
the most important changes:

- tree = Baum
+ tree = Baum, Baum-Objekt, "Tree"-Objekt

"Baum" is already fine. Depending on the message context we could use
"Baum-Objekt", but not necessarily.

- submodule = Unterprojekt
+ submodule = Submodul (suggested by JL) (before it was "Unterprojekt")

I'm fine with that.

- ancestor = Vorfahre
+ ancestor = Vorfahre, Vorgänger, Vorgänger-Commit

"Vorgänger" sounds a bit better for me.

- repository = Projektarchiv
- bare repository = bloßes Projektarchiv
+ repository = Projektarchiv, (or just Repository?)
+ bare repository = bloßes Projektarchiv (-||-), (reines, pures Repository)

I'm not sure about using "Repository". I think "Projektarchiv" is
actually good enough.

- committer = Eintragender
- tagger = Markierer
+ committer = Eintragender (or Committer, Commit-Ersteller)
+ tagger = Markierer (or Tagger, Tag-Ersteller)
...[each usage of commit and tag]...

This goes to the question if we should translate "Commit" and "Tag".
I think we shouldn't since everyone who uses/learn Git or come from
other SCMs know what it means.

+ revision = Revision (use Commit instead (see dfb4410 (glossary: a
revision is just a commit))

So just "Commit".

+ branch = Zweig (or Branch)

I think "Zweig" is already fine.

+ stage/index (noun) = Bereitstellung (Staging-Area, Index)
+ stage/index (verb) = stagen, für einen Commit vormerken, zur Staging
Area hinzufügen, dem Index hinzufügen
+ unstage (verb) = unstagen, aus Staging Area entfernen/nehmen, aus
Index entfernen/nehmen

I think we should replace "Bereitstellung" and "bereitstellen". "für
einen/den Commit vormerken" is
nice when "stage" is used as a verb. When "stage" is used as a noun,
we have to decide between
"Index" and "Staging Area" (and "Cache"?) I'd prefer "Index".

+ merge = Zusammenführung (Merge)

We currently translate the noun of "merge" as "Zusammenführung" and
the verb as "zusammenführen".
I'd change it so "der Merge" and "mergen".

The diff in [2] shows a couple of more changes but they're all based
on the things I've mentioned here.



2013/5/13 Jan Engelhardt <jeng...@inai.de>:
> On Monday 2013-05-13 20:57, Ralph Haußmann wrote:
>>There is a glossary for the pro-git book (see [2]) but it is not up-to-date
>>and it is also mixed. Therefor I would like to avoid using this glossary.
>>I like the idea of a shared wiki (git de.po and pro-git).
>>I suggest a single page as overview and single pages for
>>complicated terms. Maybe we can use our GitHub wiki (see also [3]).
>>[2] https://github.com/progit/progit/blob/master/de/NOTES
>>[3] https://github.com/progit-de/progit/wiki/Glossar
> This is how I envision a good glossary
>         http://inai.de/files/git-glossary.txt
> Maybe the "Benevolent Dictator" model might be better suited
> instead of a wiki? (Think of the edit wars.)
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