On Wednesday 2013-05-15 17:31, Holger Hellmuth (IKS) wrote:
>>> I actually had the '-' in there too until I tried to look up "Zip-Datei"
>>> in the Duden. While I don't get the leading '.' (I cannot remember having
>>> seen that anywhere, AFAIK the file extensions are always used without the
>>> dot), I'm not a grammar expert and will be fine either way.
>> In UNIX-land, extension seemed to always include the dot.
>> In DOS-land, it's without (inherited from VMS too, perhaps?)
>> As such, either way to write it is acceptable.
> Even in unix-land no one adds a dot because usually the extension is named
> after the data format, only that the file extension is used as the common
> abbreviation (at least that is my interpretation). Compare with jpeg. You 
> often
> write jpeg-Datei instead of jpg-Datei because the data format is called jpeg.

That too is correct, and actually a third way of describing files.
For example, .doc/.xls-Datei in speech is very seldom, if at all; MS
Office output has had generally been called Word-Datei,
Excel-Tabelle/-Datei and so on.

What I meant however is that the extension is ".jpg" (or .jpeg) from
a programming aspect (like, when naïvely trying to figure out the
filetype) as in
  ($name, $ext) = (/^[^\.]+(\..+)?/)

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