+    bare repository        = bloßes Repository

Since "bloßes Rep." does not convey any sensible meaning to a german reader (at least it doesn't to me) it might as well be "bare". Also bare is used as parameter to commands

+    remote tracking branch = externer Übernahmezweig

Anyone used to the english client will switch as soon as he has to read this. No idea how to improve that though except to just use the english terms like the pro git translation does.

+    upstream branch        = -||-

Use upstream as it is used as parameter to commands

+    fetch = anfordern
fetch = fetch
+    pull  = zusammenführen
pull = pull
+    push  = versenden
push = push

established vocabulary used in stack programming as well as in vcs. Should not be translated.

+    clean(verb)        =
clean(verb) = säubern/aufräumen
+    clean(noun)        =
clean(noun) = Säuberung

"aufräumen" is the better verb but there is no noun for it.

+    whitespace         = Leerzeichen (FIXME?) (maybe "Leerraum")
whitespace = whitespace

There is no german word for whitespace

+Still being worked out:
+    prune              = veraltete(n) Zweig(e) entfernen
+    checkout(verb)     = auschecken
+    git add      = hinzufügen

"mittels "git add" hinzufügen" if you want to emphasize that you add something with the command

+    merge conflict = Merge-Konflikt
+    3-way merge    = 3-Wege-Merge
+    paths          = Pfade
+    symbolic link = symbolische Verknüfung
+    path = Pfad
+    link = Verknüpfung
+    reflog = Referenzprotokoll
+    partial commit = teilweise committen, partiell committen

As a noun, "Teil-Commit"

+    reset = neu setzen (maybe "umsetzen"?)


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