I emailed samgee a while ago about gNewSense Builder and have started
setting up a server following the documentation [1][2]

The main aim is to get the original Builder scripts [2] working for
Ucclia (wheezy) and move from there.

I am currently using ansible to setup my-ever-changing-environment,
the changes i made to the Builder scripts are also in there.
At the moment i only have a private bitbucket git and need todo some
Samgee recommended re-creating builder bzr repo and start clean, i want
to implement that first, then i can make it public.

I'm trying to figure out how all this works.
I'm a student and learning

i hope to take a look at what Trisquel [3] and devuan [4][5] are doing
also try using jenkins and look at other possible improvements.

Help on e.g. porting the ucclia changes to the gen-scripts, is welcome.
I have not gotten there yet.


[1] http://www.gnewsense.org/Builder
[2] http://www.gnewsense.org/Builder/HowToCreateYourOwnGNULinuxDistribution
[3] https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/how-trisquel-made
[4] https://devuan.org/
[5] https://ci.devuan.org/

On 12/10/16 17:29, Bob Ham wrote:
> I asked on the #gnewsense-dev IRC channel but I didn't get any response
> so I'll ask here.
> On Tue, 2016-08-30 at 22:38 +0200, Sam Geeraerts wrote:
>> Op Sun, 28 Aug 2016 19:03:29 +0200
>> schreef Paul Boddie <p...@boddie.org.uk>:
>>> It seemed that there is now a certain amount of re-architecting going
>>> on to make new gNewSense releases easier, but I don't see so much
>>> progress on the more prominent sites associated with the project.
>> It's still in the planning phase.
> Could you possibly say more about the planning process and who's
> involved?  Is there anything holding up the planning?  It's been five
> months since a Builder-style approach was discussed but there doesn't
> seem to have been any movement towards version 5 at all which is a bit
> of a concern.
> Have you decided whether to use a Builder-style approach yet?  I'd like
> to work on the scripts for such a system but obviously I don't want to
> duplicate effort.
> Bob
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