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> I emailed samgee a while ago about gNewSense Builder and have started
> setting up a server following the documentation [1][2]
> The main aim is to get the original Builder scripts [2] working for
> Ucclia (wheezy) and move from there.

My question was to Sam and regarded his planning for gNewSense 5.  You
said you emailed Sam a while ago and yet at the end of August, Sam said
gNewSense 5 was still being planned.  It's not clear whether your work
is intended to form the basis of gNewSense 5 in the minds of the
gNewSense developers.

Here are some questions it would be good to have clarity on:

- Who is working on what?
- Who are the people making decisions about gNewSense 5?
- Is Sam the only person making decisions about gNewSense 5?
- What are the decisions that need to be made for the planning of
  gNewSense 5?
- Will gNewSense 5 use a Builder-style system?

> I am currently using ansible to setup my-ever-changing-environment,
> the changes i made to the Builder scripts are also in there.
> At the moment i only have a private bitbucket git and need todo some
> refactoring.
> Samgee recommended re-creating builder bzr repo and start clean, i want
> to implement that first, then i can make it public.
> I'm trying to figure out how all this works.
> I'm a student and learning

To be frank, it doesn't sound like what you've produced is going be the
basis of gNewSense 5.  You said you want to reimplement a recreation of
Builder.  That sounds like what could become the basis of gNewSense 5.
However, that doesn't exist yet.

Regarding the need to "refactor" your private things and making things
"public", I'd recommend reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S.


If you feel your code is of such low quality that you're not even
prepared to let other people see it then I can't imagine it's going to
be used as the basis of gNewSense 5, which is the issue at hand.


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