On Thursday 13. October 2016 22.53.57 Sam Geeraerts wrote:
> Eddi picked this up as a potential school project. When you're getting
> familiar with a new project it's understandable that you add some debug
> code or hard coded stuff to figure things out, If you're working with
> new tools and you're feeling your way around a community it makes sense
> to be careful. Getting told that your code suck even before you show it
> is also not a confidence booster.

Agreed. It's difficult enough just to get a handle on distribution-building 
processes. I've heard that the Devuan people have improved on Debian's 
processes, but good luck finding out about such improvements! I think I may 
have stumbled across something here:


Or even better:


It would be pretty useful in and of itself to just document what different 
distributions actually do, given that many of them don't really see the need 
(or don't do so concisely). That might help any future discussions about what 
might work best.

(I found that Guix/GuixSD is one of the few distributions where the 
documentation seeks to explain things in a coherent start-to-end fashion, but 
even then it isn't a "how to", which is really what would be most 

> I will talk about this further with Eddi. I hope we can publish
> something soon and that this will be met with constructive criticism
> from the community.

Indeed. I look forward to seeing Eddi's efforts.


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