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schreef Bob Ham <r...@settrans.net>:

> - Who is working on what?

Eddi expressed interest in working on Builder as part of a school
project. I'm answering any questions he has.

> - Who are the people making decisions about gNewSense 5?


> - Is Sam the only person making decisions about gNewSense 5?


> - What are the decisions that need to be made for the planning of
>   gNewSense 5?
> - Will gNewSense 5 use a Builder-style system?

I think Builder-style makes the most sense. We can work on that right
now. I want to keep Ucclia in the repo, so I'd like to port the old
Builder code to Ucclia first (so write gen script equivalents for
packages-ucclia), but it couldn't hurt to also get something for
Ucclia+1 going so that we can verify that we can combine multiple
distros in 1 repo. Solving the other cons [1] is a nice bonus that we
can focus on later.

> If you feel your code is of such low quality that you're not even
> prepared to let other people see it then I can't imagine it's going to
> be used as the basis of gNewSense 5, which is the issue at hand.

Eddi picked this up as a potential school project. When you're getting
familiar with a new project it's understandable that you add some debug
code or hard coded stuff to figure things out, If you're working with
new tools and you're feeling your way around a community it makes sense
to be careful. Getting told that your code suck even before you show it
is also not a confidence booster.

I will talk about this further with Eddi. I hope we can publish
something soon and that this will be met with constructive criticism
from the community.

[1] http://www.gnewsense.org/DevelopmentProjects/Gnewsense5

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