I understand your issue of "fairness" and "balkanization", but I also
think if we have a simple and fair way that three or more people
interested in a distribution can get together under the banner of
"GNHLUG", that this will help everyone.  I think that a "Red Hat SIG"
would also be appropriate.

I still remember DECUS and the fact that they had many SIGs which people
could join (or vacate) at will.  The SIGs allowed people to specialize
and grow in various technical topics.

I could see a "newbie SIG" as a portion of this, or a "systems
administrator SIG", a "hardware modder SIG", etc.

I do think there should be a minimum criteria of some sort to create
one, so there would not be zillions of them, but just as we have
different groups physically, we can have some latitude for various needs
(as we do with Ruby and Python today)

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